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TheWatchCartoonOnline | Watch Cartoons and Anime OnlineTheWatchCartoonOnline | Watch Cartoons and Anime Online APK Free Download
Version:  1.6

TheWatchCartoonOnline | Watch Cartoons and Anime Online

Watch cartoons, English dubbed anime series, and cartoon movies in High quality for free. Thewatchcartoononline apk is another platform for the users that offers free watching and free Cartoons downloads.


TheWatchCartoonOnline Overview

Watch wide range of cartoons and anime from all over the world. in HD quality for free. You can also download or stream your favorite shows, from series for kids to more grown-up cartoons! There are all sorts of classics available on Watch Cartoon Online, included English dubbed anime and entire cartoon movies from a backlog of decades of animated brilliance. It is very easy to find Anime Online, the language of series can also be filtered and results can be sorted.

Watch thousands of Cartoon movies and series for free. With no credit cards and no subscription required. Cartoon is the largest free streaming service featuring movies and series.Download now and start streaming entertainment for free, today. All cartoon movie or videos of cartoons are categorized by their names. Some award winning cartoon movie and videos of cartoons there. Watch and enjoy safe and clean cartoons videos for kids of all ages.

Key Features

-Number one, the excellent collection of all the latest cartoons and movies to watch whenever you like.
-Watch Cartoon Online has been around for a long time and during that time they've been able to fine-tune their UX and bring everything in a neat package right up to your eyeballs.
- The app has an amazing App for Androids that acts as a television for its users and help them a lot when it comes to providing some entertainment.
- thewatchcartoononline apk is a free app that you can also use without any subscription or registration charges.
- You can stream directly after installation without filling any registration form.
- thewatchcartoonsonline has a user-friendly interface that is very simple to use.
- Watch cartoon online app is specifically designed for the kids as they can easily play their favorite cartoons.
- It has multiple categories carrying a huge list of animated stories in each category.
- The colorful layout and theme used is very attractive and visually appealing.
- Just browse by category or search with keywords, and start watching full episodes online and for free. Plus, everything is well organized into categories that you can understand. There are Funny movies, Horror movies and more. Search through this brilliant list of animated movies and television shows to find the ones you love!
If you can't find it on Watch Cartoon Online then you might struggle…this app really does include most cartoons and anime! Thewatchcartoononline apk is updated daily with brand new cartoons and anime plus lots of other old classics that might just be finding their way onto the app! Want to watch hours and hours and hours of brilliant entertainment? Then download the free APK app file for Watch Cartoon Online right now - safe, secure, and fast!

Main features at a glance
# Feature
1-Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface
2-Kid-friendly interface with parental lock mode
3-High-quality cartoons with 3D animations and cool music and sound effects
4-Large collection of kids cartoon videos
5-Watch funny videos in offline mode
6-Fun, Entertaining and Educational cartoons for kids
7-Free kids videos

What can you find on thewatchcartoononline apk?

You can find all sorts of brilliant viewing on thewatchcartoononline apk. The most popular category is its selection of Dubbed Anime where you can watch cool classics in your own language. Nice! Then you have the standard Cartoon category, home to everything from 101 Dalmations to The Flash animated series. TheWatchCartoonOnline captures a huge list and categories of cartoons from 3D animated to 2D and many educational, funny, and informative anime videos. This is a huge collection available in decent high quality…amazing for killing time. Next up is Subbed Anime, so you can appreciate the original language while also having some idea what's going on in the show! Last up is the Movie category, where you can find all sorts of cool animated movies from decades of history.

thewatchcartoononline apk allows you to watch dubbed films in multiple languages. So, if your children are facing issues while watching in a different language then you can play the dubbed version of the same program. To download the latest apk version go below to the Download button and tap on it on your Android device,to get the Apk file and Install on your phone. Thewatchcartoononline download for your tablet make sure to follow the below guide which allows you to install and run the theWatchCartoonOnline.TV apps from an unknown source.

How to download TheWatchCartoonOnline apk

You can download the Watch Cartoon Online APK freely and view hundreds of different cartoons and anime in HD in the below download link.

How to install thewatchcartoononline apk on Android

By default, your Android device won't allow you to run apps from an unknown source, but this issue can be solved easily. To install APK apps from third-party sources means you're not restricted to just Google Play Store as the source for all of your apps and games.

On your Android device go to the “Settings” page and select “Security”. This is regarded as a “Security” issue on the grounds that Google can't verify the apps and games from third-party sources, but in reality some are safe.

Click on "Device Administration" and this should open up a new menu, where you'll see “Unknown Sources” as one of the choices. Simply click on “Unknown Sources” to enable your Android device to run third-party APK applications.

Now the Android system will not block the installation of thewatchcartoon online apk and you can start the installation process by clicking on the "Watch cartoon online_v1.4.apk" you download from the below thewatchcartoononline download link.

What is New in version 1.6

More and more features and modifications were added to provide better customer services. As you know that day by day new cartoon series, films and stories releases and kids demands for those. That is why more stories and series are added on regular basis. Below are the latest updates in theWatchCartoonOnline.TV app:
- Bugs has been fixed.
- Better Performance even on old devices.
- Watch cartoon series without interruptions even with a slow Internet connection.
- Added more stories and cartoon series.

thewatchcartoononline Genre List

Absurdist humor, Action, Adapted Literature, Adventure, Alternate History, Animated, Animated sitcom, Animated television series, Animation, Anthology series, Baseball, Black comedy, Car racing, Cartoon series, Chanbara, Children's fiction, Children's television series, Chinese Cartoon, Comedy, Comic science fiction, Coming-of-age story, Contemporary fantasy, Crime, Cutaway gag humor, Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, Dark humor, Deadpan, Demons, Detective Fiction, Documentary, Drama, Dystopian, Ecchi, Educational, Edutainment, Espionage, Family, Family television series, Fantasy, Fighter, Football, Friendship, Game, Game-Show, Girls With Guns, Goth, Graphic novel, Harem, Harold and the Purple Crayon, High School, Historical, Historical Fantasy, History, Horror, Horror comedy, Idol anime, Josei, Kids, Learning, Magic, Magical boy, Magical Girl, Manga, Martial Arts, Mecha, Mecha, Metafiction, Military, Movie, Music, Musical, Mystery, Mythic fiction, Occult, Off-color humor, Parody, Police, Post-Apocalyptic, Pre-School, Psychological, Reverse Harem, Role-playing, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Drama, Samurai, Satire, School, School Dormitory, Science Fantasy, Science Fiction, Sci-fi, Seinen, Short, shoujo, Shoujo Ai, Shounen, Shounen Ai, Sitcom, Situation comedy, Sketch comedy, Slapstick, Slice Of Life, Social satire, Space, Space Opera, Splatter, Sports, Spy fiction, Steampunk, Stop Motion, Superhero, Superhero fiction, Supernatural, Superpower, Surreal, Surreal humor, Surrealism, Surrealist Comedy, Suspense, Sword and sorcery, Teen Animation, Teen Drama, Thriller, Toilet humour, Tournament, Tragedy, Urban, Urban fantasy, Vampire, Virtual Reality, War, Western, Yaoi, Yuri

Older versions Download

- Download theWatchCartoonOnline v1.5

Watch cartoon online on KODI

Watch Cartoon Online is one of the top Cartoon, Anime and Animated Movie add-on on KODI! It has original version with subtitles but also with dubbed audio so you can easily watch your preferred Anime or Cartoon. Other than the best of Anime, it has also an epic list with tons of Cartoons but also Animated Movies! The speed and the video is quality is excellent and that completes the overall fantastic experience. You can get the addon here and save to your local drive.
Install instructions:
After downloading the latest version of the Spoyser, open KODI
- Select SYSTEM then Select ADDONS then Select INSTALL FROM ZIP
- Select the zip file you saved on your local drive
- Install and select install from repository
- Select Spoysers XBMC Addons
- Select the Watch Cartoon Online Addon
That is all you have to make Watch cartoon online app work
The app comes with eight general categories and two are the search features. The general categories are the Popular and Ongoing series, Cartoons list, Movies and much more. The Two features are added to find the categories easily like Search and Search by Genre. Other sections contains DBS, Boruto,anime and cartoon movies. You can use the "Search by Genre" for searching for a specific genre the or for then overall categories presented in this addon. This addon includes more than fifty genres like Action, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Education and much more.

theWatchCartoonOnline.TV on KODI

TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV alternative Apps

Many times people ask about WatchCartoonOnline alternative apps on Google Play store, below are the top Apps that allow you to watch thousands of Cartoon movies and series for free.

1- Cartoon tv - Watch Cartoon online
Watch thousands of Cartoon movies and series for free. With no credit cards and no subscription required. Cartoon is the largest free streaming service featuring movies and series.Download now and start streaming entertainment for free, today

2- Toon - Watch Cartoon Movies & TV Shows
Watch retro and new cartoon movies and TV shows. It also contains educational stuff for young kids such as Poems, Stories and similar educational stuff. Designed and developed for kids to help them in learning and entertain them in free time.

3- Anime TV - Watch KissAnime
With the Anime TV app you will have at your disposal the best anime series, the Japanese anime classics and the most current anime series.
You will not have to look for more !!, we have gathered in Anime TV the most successful anime series in japan, the series that have marked the era, the Japanese anime series with the most global repercussion
You will be able to enjoy your favorite anime series in any place and at any time, in Anime TV you will have a user-friendly and intuitive interface, In addition to a very broad catalog with the best anime series of all time.
In the Anime TV app we will always try to have the material updated, adding episodes and new series of anime in the catalog.

The watch cartoon online

4- Ktoons Cartoons - Watch cartoons free for every one
Ktoons provide an amazing platform for all the cartoon lovers to watch their favorite cartoons of all time
We maintain a balance between trending new cartoons and vintage classic cartoons
The App provides a fascinating video streaming experience to make the user experience the finest
Ktoons developed the app in such a way that users can easily navigate through the best of the cartoons at superb speed
We maintain a quality level of all the cartoons shown in the app. Made sure it can be safely watched for children of all ages also
App is classified into many playlists as well as listing videos. Users will find it easy to use and appreciate
If the user is signed up he will be able to save his favorite cartoons as favorite playlists as well as favorite video
We at Ktoons add new cartoons everyday. We try to curate the contents as much as possible. The best free cartoons are being shown
Watch cartoons free of cost in Ktoons with no ads disturbing you

5- Gotardo Anime Watch Free English Sub and Dub
Watch the best anime online and stream episodes of popular anime. It provides both subbed and dubbed versions of anime. Give it a try.

App Features:

1. Save your favorite anime so that you do not have to search for it every time.
2. Genres have been included.
3. Watch anime through any video player.
4. Anime episode update daily.
5. Remember the video you watched

6- Watch safe cartoon, animation movies
Watch cartoon - cartoon video, animation is an application where you can watch many cartoons and movies and listen to stories embedded from YouTube.
Watch cartoon - cartoon video, animation is for all ages. This app has walt disney, toon, cartoon movies, spiderman cartoon, cartoon network video, computer animation, 2d animation, funny cartoon video, cartoon network, japanese anime, disney cartoons, cartoon film, story
Watch cartoon - cartoon video, animation is a global application therefore it has many languages for the app and for the videos, stories. For now Watch cartoon - cartoon video, animation has English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Italian, French, Russian and Turkish videos and stories. This app has walt disney, toon, cartoon movies, spiderman cartoon, cartoon network video, computer animation, 2d animation, funny cartoon video, cartoon network, japanese anime, disney cartoons, cartoon film, story. This app has movies for all ages that also includes stories of many characters, short stories, long stories of prince and princesses. Cartoon movies, animations also has the stories. This app has walt disney, toon, cartoon movies, spiderman cartoon, cartoon network video, computer animation, 2d animation, funny cartoon video, cartoon network, japanese anime, disney cartoons, cartoon film, story.

7- Watch & Play Cartoons Online
This is app to watch cartoons online for free. This is very famous watch cartoon online app. You can find cartoon movies download and cartoon movies 2018 and also new cartoons movies This app allow you to see full length movies for free watch cartoons online, cartoons about cars, Cartoon about Science, Cartoon old, Cartoon About Animals, Cartoon of Fighting, Cartoon Stories, Cartoons of 2019.

8- Cartoons Mania - Watch Free Cartoons Online
We all have those moments when we suddenly want to kick back and watch those amazing cartoons that filled our childhood with amazing memories, well now you can do that with a single click of your thumb. Cartoons Mania brings you not just a trip down memory lane, but also offer all the latest new and classic free and best Cartoons that are being viewed through out the world.

We live in a world of internet, where getting everything online is much easier than renting it out from the shop, Cartoon Mania does exactly that, it eases your life by streaming Cartoons in HD quality. We all may have outgrown our childhood but that's no reason to stop us from reliving those precious moments that were made by sitting in front of TV and watching Cartoons. Those magical hours spent were well spent, and you deserved those, just like you deserve it now.

theWatchCartoonOnline anime

Websites Like WatchCartoonOnline

Below is a list of Websites that offers you an alternative way to watch cartoons and anime online for free.

- Chia Anime has a big collection of anime. It streams videos in the Hight quality.

- AnimeTV offers the latest subbed and dubbed anime in the English language.

- KissAnime Club is a new website which offers you many anime movies and television series. This site offers you many subbed, dubbed anime as well as movies. Users get a dedicated list for all popular anime series.

- CartoonsOnoffers you many famous cartoons and anime series free of cost, CartoonsOn has a small library of the cartoon, but if your cartoon title is popular, then there is good chance to stream.

- KissCartoon provides many cartoon and anime series for free. The cartoons series is always updated and categorized for the users. Most of the cartoon lover may know about it.

- CartoonCrazy offers you many cartoon and anime series without sign up.

- Anime Nova is for Anime fans. It offers many anime movies with search tab where you can search for your desired anime.

- KissAnime is also a free website to watch cartoons and anime. It offers English subbed and dubbed anime in the HD video quality. It is mainly for anime lovers.

- OtakuStream offers you latest released anime. It has Light and Dark modes that you can set according to day and night. It also offers a search bar where you can search your favorite anime.

- AnimeShow is another site which streams tons of Anime worldwide. It has a big collection of anime.

- AnimeUltima has many sections on its homepage where you get the Latest anime Episodes and Popular Shows. It also offers many TV series.

- AnimeFLV is the big name for Anime but it is in Spanish language.

- AnimePahe is dedicated to the anime lovers. AnimePahe offers many subbed, dubbed anime.

- FreeOnlineAnime offers you many amine series and movies.

- Anime Freak TV offers you many anime titles, users can browse by the genre, alphabetically, popularity, and latest released episodes.

- offers many famous cartoons and anime series.

- Anime Hero provides you with the most famous and latest anime series.

- 9Anime offers you a large collection of anime series. It also accepts anime request in case any anime title is not listed.


How to Allow app installs from Unknown Sources in Android

By default Android blocks installing applications outside the Play Store. If you want to install theWatchCartoonOnline.TV apk, the following message will appear as you try to install: "Install blocked. For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Play Store" If you have a phone running Android Oreo or higher, you won't see a setting to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Instead, Google treats this as an app permission and you're asked each and every time you want to install an app you got outside the the Play Store.

So how to proceed with the installation?
To allow app installs from Unknown Sources follow this steps:
- Navigate to Setting then Security.
- Check the option “Unknown sources“.
- Tap OK on the prompt message.
- Select "Trust".

Now you can try again to install the App and the system will allow the installation, but wait even when installing Apps from Unknown sources, Android system will continue scanning Apps, looking for viruses, malware and blocking forbidden Apps so do not worry your device is still protected. Please note that the settings changed in the above procedure will be stored permanently on your android device system and you will be able to install Android Apps from all sources.

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Please review TheWatchCartoonOnline | Watch Cartoons and Anime Online application and submit your comments below. We will collect all comments in an effort to determine whether the TheWatchCartoonOnline | Watch Cartoons and Anime Online software is reliable, perform as expected and deliver the promised features and functionalities.

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